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In major city's an exclusive event 'varta vigyapan' for the media & advertising industry. a stellar track record. with a successful track record of conducting around 10 successful exclusive events in a span of just 4 years the company takes pride not only in its great sense of achievement but also enormous learning after having executed events at such an un-precedential scale. ‘we believe in novelty, monovering & precision. our perpetual efforts are to sustain relations with our customers and constantly exceed the expectations. in its journey in the events& exhibitions industry so far, the company has seen itself, its associates and competitionsalike, excel and shape an entire industry. this is an industry thriving & growing at a rate higher than most of the others industry in the country. in major city is trying to bring in an amount of enthusiasm which will benefit all in the relative segment. the company believes in the attempt to see the industry for which it will need an ever increasing support &encouragement from all the fraternity members. in the forthcoming months, the company look forward to an increased &enthusiastic response & participation from everyone from the industry. we’re crafting tomorrows today, be a part of the beautiful journey expand the horizons of your business with in major city’s intellectual events.